Buying a home in Guelph can be a complicated process. Prior to starting the search to find your perfect property, we take the time to understand your needs and wants. After we discuss the process, including any financing and legal considerations, the fun part can begin: looking at houses.

Many people want to jump straight into viewing properties…and we can’t blame them. Guelph has so many great homes and neighbourhoods that it can be tough to resist this temptation. However, it’s important to understand the process and your current financial position before doing so. Falling in love with a place just to find out you’re not in a position to buy can be a little disheartening.

If you’re looking for a Realtor to help you make a move, get in touch! We’d love to help you with this exciting milestone.


When selling your home, it is crucial that it’s marketed effectively. Where your listing is advertised is just as important as the advertising materials themselves.


We choose media that allow us to identify the target audience for your property and direct our marketing efforts towards them specifically. Combining this with professional photography and videography results in our listings making an impact as soon as they hit the market.

In addition to creative and effective marketing, we believe that educating clients is essential. By keeping our clients up to date on the selling process as well as Guelph market conditions, they are able to make informed decisions regarding the sale of their property.

If you’re searching for the right real estate agent to sell your home, we’d be happy to meet up and go over our services in greater detail!

Sara Languay and Garret Mott
Sales Representatives