Home for the Holidays

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the city Sellers weren’t listing houses, ‘cause “It doesn’t look pretty! I’ll list it in May, when snow’s gone and it’s dry”, If you wait until spring, then supply will be high!

Buyers are searching, they do all year round, The drop in inventory is what drives sales down; I know what you’re thinking, last spring was outrageous! It seemed as if buying had become contagious.

Thankfully things have become much more stable, When offer day comes, there’s just one on the table; Buyers are now in a better position, They can even throw in an inspection condition.

But will the market get crazy as soon as it’s mild, Will you still need to offer to give them your child? It’s true it will pick up, as it does every year, But if it picks up like that, I’ll buy you a beer!

Guelph real estate cycles, and sales will rise, With January, April and September buys; The question you have is “When should I list?”, But one perfect answer just does not exist.

Your home and your family, your financial position, Does your next home need renos? Is it move-in condition? These factors are some of the things that will tell, The time that is right, the time YOU should sell;

Getting into the market, it can be confusing, Just make sure you trust the agent you’re using; With so much to do and so much to know, You can rest assured when you go with a pro!

If you have any questions or you’d just like to talk real estate, feel free to get in touch! Happy holidays and all the best in the New Year!

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